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Cleaning Up After Flood Damage: Extracting Water

Fortunately, floods do not happen very often in Asheville, Brevard or the Hendersonville area. If your home has been flooded, the number one thing you’ll need to consider regarding flood damage cleanup is how you’re going to get the water out of your home. Here are some things to keep in mind when undertaking this task:

Health and safety

Your health and safety is always the first priority when extracting water after flooding. So first of all, get yourself a face mask, a pair of gloves, some safety glasses, and some hand soap. There’s no telling what could be in that water, so it’s best to proceed with the utmost caution. Also, you should make absolutely sure that the power supply is turned off, to prevent any serious accidents. Usage of battery powered tools instead of electric is best. Wireless power tools will also help with faster cleanup.

Water and Waste Collection

Search around for plastic tubs or buckets which can be used to collect stagnant water; use them to scoop it up and get it outside. Also, have a garbage bag at hand so that floating objects can be removed and disposed of.

Where and How to Start

It’s always a big question as to where to start cleaning. First, it’s best to remove any spoilable household items from the water's reach. All items such as clothes, shoes, and linens should be separated as soon as possible, washed and put out for drying. Also, remove any small furnishings, furniture or beds and get them out to dry. It’s best to literally pack up the house so that nothing important is found missing once you are finished cleaning up after flood damage.

Estimation of Waste items

Now it’s time to figure out exactly what needs to go to the dump. Take pictures of anything that can be replaced by insurance. Do not be stingy in throwing away partially ruined items as this may bring about fungi and bacteria, destroying other objects as well. But the cleanup doesn’t end there.

Washing the House

The last step involves a simple broom, some detergent, a mop, and a pressure cwasher. After the main job of cleaning is done, go around the house and apply anti-microbial detergent to anything and everything possible. Apply it in generous quantities.

Rebuilding Your Home

Get a local electrician from Asheville, Brevard or the Hendersonville area to come by and look at all the cables and ensure that there is no short circuiting. Get all the items back into the house once everything is dry, but make sure you go through them again to check the extent of the flood damage one more time after cleanup. Go through everything; photos, documents, etc. Dispose of anything that may be a threat to the rest of your possessions. Finally, make sure you’re getting help from your insurance company to get these items replaced.

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