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Not Waiting for the Warm-up, Pipes Bursting Across WNC

WOODFIN, NC. -- The bitter cold weather is already causing plumbing damage, though temperatures haven't warmed up yet. Servicemaster crews are making repairs as we speak, after a pipe burst at the Connection Point Church of God in Woodfin. Typically, pipes burst when the weather warms up and the pipes thaw out. Servicemaster of Hendersonville crews say they have already had six calls this week regarding pipes bursting. Inside Connection Point Church of God, you see Servicemaster crews hard at work, repairing the damage caused after a pipe burst Thursday afternoon. It was a pipe on the third floor that caused the damage to the ceilings, floors, and sound equipment. Its a problem that the pastor of the church says will cost around $40,000 to fix, from the floors to the equipment. President of Servicemaster, Jay Dewart, explains how it happened, "the pipe froze and it forced the faucet off the top, the faucet handle. And the water was shooting straight up. That's why it's important to keep your water flowing through your pipes, just dripping through. It will help prevent this from happening." Removing the two inches of water that flooded the church is being done with the help of many fans on all three levels. For a job like this, it will take crews about 30 to 45 days to complete repairs. Dewart says plumbers in the area are also receiving calls about wells freezing. He says the best thing to do is call a plumber before temperatures warm up. >>WLOS Video>>

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