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ServiceMaster Introduces Leak Detection

Water damage caused by leaks can cause serious damage to a home or office. ServiceMaster of Hendersonville now offers leak detection services.


Whether it is caused by a natural disaster or a simple leak, water damage can prove costly to those affected by it. The water damage experts at ServiceMaster now offer water damage services that include leak detection, water removal, drying, reinstallation and cleaning.

The company starts a three-phase operation the moment a customer contacts them about water damage in the home or office. The Water Damage Division of the company takes care of damage caused by a pipe bursting, flood, hot water heater or any other event.

During phase one, an emergency response team is sent out form our Fletcher office for a free inspection. The water damage professionals can then give recommendations on how to best handle the water damage. Phase two includes water removal and drying. ServiceMaster experts will perform daily inspections of the affected property to ensure everything is proceeding as planned. Phase 3 of the company’s emergency response is reinstallation and cleaning. The company will leave any area damaged by water or mold just as it was before the damage had ever occurred.

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