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Do you know how to turn off the water?

A few years ago my neighbor showed up at my front door screaming for help. A pipe broke in her home and she need help turning off the water. She did not know where the main water shut off valve was located in her home.

So we ran together to her basement, it took me about two minutes to locate the valve and turn off the water. I estimate the water ran for 5 minutes longer than it would have if she knew how to turn off the water. Can you imagine how much additional water damage can be caused in just 5 minutes!

ServiceMaster of Hendersonville gives out free tags so you can lable the main water shut off valve. These can be very handy, especially for people that may not have a clue of where the water comes from (like my neighbor).

After I attached the main water shut off tag in my garage, a bird decided it helped make the perfect spot to build a nest, lay eggs and raise a family. The nest in the picture below is currently full of eggs, if I can get a pictue of the babies I will share it with you.


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