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ArtSpace School Damaged by Flood

SWANNANOA - Winter break will be extended by at least a couple of days for students of ArtSpace Charter School, which was damaged by flooding last week. Students were scheduled to return to school Tuesday, but the school has canceled class, according to Josh Batenhorst, enterprise and development manager for the school.

“We are calling these ‘inclement weather’ days, though that’s probably a misnomer,” Batenhorst said via email.

The school was damaged last Tuesday after heavy rains caused a bank to collapse. Water and mud flowed into the building.

“We’re at the point we’ve got to install carpet, drywall,” Batenhorst said Monday. “We’re in the process of getting all that started and going. We’re hoping to start today.”

Teachers are also back at school and compiling lists of what needs replacing in their classrooms, Batenhorst said.

So far, the school doesn’t have a final dollar amount for the damage caused by the heavy rains, he said

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